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The most fun and the most cash back as the Tulalip Resort Casino’s My Tulalip gives more cash back period.


No other Washington casino pays as much cash back. You get a point for every dollar played! And you get $20 cash back for every 2,000 points. You will build points faster at a full point for every dollar of coin-in played.


As a My Tulalip member, you get one point for every dollar of slot play. The minimum to cash out is 2,000 points, which is the equivalent to $20. Cash your points in for more play, food, entertainment, merchandise or anything you want. You don’t have to settle for the comps allowed by other casinos.

Birthday and Anniversary Months

During your birthday and the anniversary of when you joined My Tulalip, show your My Tulalip card and receive 1,000 FREE points. Come in on your birthday and you’ll receive an additional 1,000 points.

Provide Your Email Address

Provide your email address and receive 1,000 points as well as information on events and promotions.


Receive a 10% discount at each of our restaurants when you present your My Tulalip card.

Hotel, Spa and Food Offers

Personal offers are sent out monthly to My Tulalip members. Check your offers by going to

General Membership Rules

  • Membership is free to guests 21 years of age or older with a valid ID.
  • An active My Tulalip card and a matching photo ID are required for all club transactions, points redemption and promotions.
  • Any Tables Games earned comp value that goes unused for 12 months will be automatically deducted from the Guest’s account.
  • If there is no slot play account activity during a 12 month period, any slot points earned will be automatically deducted from the Guest’s account.
  • When playing slots, it is the Guest’s responsibility to ensure that the card is inserted and accepted for play in slot machine.
  • Management reserves the right to adjust any point balance resulting from malfunction, operator errors or any other reasons deemed valid.
  • My Tulalip rewards are valid only to those Guests who have earned them through their own play. Points earned through slot play by anyone other than the account holder will become void. Club accounts, cards and slot points are non-transferable.
  • Members may begin requesting CASH-BACK after 2,000 points or more have accumulated in their account. 2,000 points minimum are necessary to receive CASH-BACK.
  • Vouchers for CASH-BACK must be redeemed within 24 hours of timestamp.
  • Any misuse of your My Tulalip membership may result in permanent inactivation.
  • Management reserves the right to cancel or change Club Benefits, rules or regulations without prior notice.

Tiered Benefits

  • Tier statuses will be assessed twice a year based on two periods: July 15 – January 14 and January 15 – July 14.
  • Once tier status has been achieved, the applicable benefits will begin immediately. The guest will remain in the achieved tier for the remainder of the current period, and the entire period immediately following.
  • It is the Guest’s responsibility to maintain their status by the following original start period, or be subject to tier reallocation.
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